Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Paris Shoots.

So I had the opportunity to come back to paris for PFWSS15 (Fashion week) But while I was here I also worked with a few models on my own. Here are some images form my personal editorial shoots. French models are a lot of fun to work with. ENJOY :)

You can find more on my photo blog

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Body Scape. By Jesse "Dense83" Greene

So I recently did a somewhat candid nude style shoot. This was mostly candid shots of the model smoking, chilling etc. I really wanted to do some nudes with natural light that weren't so raw but still had an edge so we did smoking as a theme as well. I think nudity can be a beautiful thing if portrayed tastefully. So heres my portrayal. ENJOY!

My shoot with the lovely Victoria Strohmann.

So there was this model I was trying to work with for SO LONG! And we finally linked up when I got back to Texas. Super chill chick she's been putting in a lot of work too shooting for Pure Filth, and a few others. Were also working on some look book shots as well for a up and coming brand. So here what we did, its mostly American Apparel, and Dope Chef, for now. Ill be posting the look book stuff soon though so stay tuned! ENJOY!